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    The Hampshire Secondary Expert Science Teachers Group 2021-22 is now starting in March 2022 – (Blended) – 9 March and 29 March (Part 1) 26 April, 17 May, 8 June, 28 June and 11 July 2022 (Part 2)

    by Cormac Wilton -

    The Hampshire expert science teacher group brings together some of the most innovative, hardworking, and creative science teachers in the area to discuss the latest educational research and develop/test models of research informed science teaching that will then be shared with the wider teaching community.

    The group is for any science teacher with at least two years teaching experience that lives or works in or close to Hampshire. They must have demonstrated that they are consistently excellent science teachers, hardworking, innovative, open to risk taking and keen to reflect and improve upon their practice analytically and critically.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Expert Science

    Price: Sub £320 / SLA £260 / Full £384 (Split across 2 FYs)

    New course for the summer term: Planning for Long-Term Studies of the Local Environment in Science – 17 or 18 or 24 or 25 May 2022 depending on location

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Getting out and about in the school grounds can be an excellent way to foster children’s curiosity about the world around them. Observing over time is a key aspect of ‘working scientifically’ which allows the children to practise and develop a wide range of disciplinary skills.

    In KS1, such enquiries are an effective way of inspiring children to ask questions about the world around them and develop their sense of curiosity. And in KS2, observations from these kinds of enquiries often enable children to make predictions about how things might be, leading on to planning of further comparative tests and fair tests to find out more.

    The past two years have not gone without their challenges. There is no better time than now to make sure the science curriculum for our children is the very best it can be. This half day training course will support Science Leaders in identifying and sequencing learning through long-term studies to further help children make excellent progress in science.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Science Environment

    Price: Sub £115 / SLA £75 / Full £138

    Hampshire Annual Science Coordinators Conference 2021-22 is now available on multiple dates – 21 or 22 or 23 or 24 or 25 March 2022

    by Cormac Wilton -

    This is a day conference full of hands-on science activities to develop understanding of a key aspect of science teaching and learning and leadership.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Science Conference

    Price: Sub £195 / SLA £120 / Full £234

    HIAS Science Team

    by Cormac Wilton -

    We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas break. Our science team is looking forward to working with you in your schools this term. Please take a moment to review the attached and ‘meet’ our newest science inspectors. We are also offering a range of courses to help improve your curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment in science. All training this half term will be delivered virtually – click here for further details.

    (Edited by Katie Scott - original submission Tuesday, 4 January 2022, 9:48 AM)

    The Science Moodle will be under maintenance on 24th November

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Our Science Moodle will be undergoing an upgrade on 24th November and the site will not be available for use during this time. This upgrade will enable us to benefit from more recent improvements to the platform and ensure the ongoing security of the site. There will not be any changes to the site content or to the way that you access resources and links.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused - we are working closely with our Moodle provider to minimise any disruption to users so that we can get the site back up and running as soon as we can.

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