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  • Upcoming Science Courses

    Visit our Learning Zone and search to book on any of the courses below using the course title or suggested keywords.

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  • COVID-19 and Autumn term training

    Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS) is offering a full programme of Autumn term courses that are available to book via the Learning Zone, including a number of NEW courses that our inspectors have designed to support schools on their return in September.  

    All our Autumn term training will now be delivered virtually and a number of courses are available to book as after-school sessions. We are continuing to monitor government guidance and to work closely with venues so that we can resume centre based training as soon as it is safe to do so.

    To help make it clearer, our courses are now identified on the Learning Zone as follows:

    • Webinar - where sessions are now all virtual.
    • Blended - where the course is now a mixture of virtual and face to face training (where further sessions are later in the year and we may be able to resume venue based training)
    • No categorisation - where sessions are currently still planned as a venue based delivery 

    Should you have any queries regarding autumn term training courses please contact

    • Take a look at the Primary Science learning opportunities available to book:

      To search for a specific course, type the course title or keywords in the 'Find Learning' box.

      Primary Science Coordinator Networks - Autumn term 2020-21 (Webinar) - starts 05 October 2020

      Keyword search: KS1 Science (webinar) / KS2 Science (webinar)

      We are offering our Autumn term Science Co-ordinator Networks as online learning events comprising two separate one and a half hour sessions - various dates/times are offered, including after school hours options. 

      • Session 1 - Using learning journeys for medium and short term planning

      • Session 2 - Sharing examples of medium and short term planning

      Teaching Exciting Science in EYFS (Session 2) (Webinar) – 21 October 2020 

      Keyword search: Teaching EYFS

      This is an opportunity for practitioners to share their experiences of working in EYFS in a COVID constrained school. What have been the problems? How have they been overcome? 

      Price: Sub £60 SLA £45 Full £72 

      Using the Science Learning Journeys to Plan Lessons (Webinar) - starts 03 November 2020

      Keyword search: Use the keywords below to search for the year group/s you wish to book.

      This is a series of one-hour online training sessions helping teachers use the Hampshire science learning journeys to produce medium and short term plans. Each session focuses on a single learning journey and will help teachers plan for the following half term.

      KS1 topics: Pushes, pulls and their effects; Making new plants; How animals survive; Animal life cycles/life time lines; Materials, Habitats.
      Keyword search: Autumn 2 KS1 Science / Autumn 2 Y3 Science / Autumn 2 Y5 Science

      Y3 & Y4 topics: How plants reproduce; How plants make their food; Magnets and their effects; Making electrical circuits work; Animals, Skeletons and movements; Solids, liquids and gases; Mixtures and separating them; Feeding relationships and the environment, Digestion, How the body gets nutrients into the blood, Light.
      Keyword search: Spring KS1 Science / Spring Y3 Science / Spring Y5 Science

      Y5 & Y6 topics: How light behaves and how we see; Space and gravity; Making new substances; How sounds are made, travel and can be changed; Controlling electrical circuits; Evolution and natural selection; Circulation; Forces that oppose motion.
      Keyword search: Summer KS1 Science / Summer Y3 Science / Summer Y5 Science

      Newly Appointed Subject Co-ordinators for Primary Science 2020-21 - 11 November 2020

      Keyword search: Appointed primary science

      This course is designed to help new science co-ordinators get to grips with their exciting role in school. A one-day course followed by a half-day support visit from a member of the HIAS Science team.

      • Take a look at the Secondary Science learning opportunities available to book:

        To search for a specific course, type the course title or keywords in the 'Find Learning' box.

        Annual Conference for Secondary Science Technicians - 08 December 2020

        Keyword search: Appointed primary science

        This year we will continue to examine the role of the technician in supporting a developing curriculum with required practicals, and continue to examine ways in which collaborations can help us do this effectively.

        Hampshire Secondary Science Leading Teacher Group 2020-21 - Part 1 - 12 December 2020

        Keyword search: Science leading teacher 1

        This group explores the key challenges facing science teachers in helping youngsters make excellent progress and develop an enthusiasm for science.