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Primary Science News – more useful support from the HIAS Science Team
by Dave Whittle - Monday, 8 January 2018, 3:34 PM

In addition to our courses and networks, we also publish advice and examples of good practice in Primary Science News. These are published twice a year and the last few have looked at:

Writing and recording for purpose in science (Autumn 2017) – In this issue we explore how writing and...

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Primary science courses for Spring Term 2018
by Dave Whittle - Thursday, 30 November 2017, 4:19 PM

We have a number of key courses coming up in the New Year including:


Assessing and Tracking Science Through KS1 and KS2 - Assessment in the National Curriculum is based on the principle that all children need to know and understand key knowledge by the end of year 2, 4 and ...

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Science courses this term
by Katie Scott - Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 2:52 PM

We are offering a range of exciting Science courses this term, for both Primary and Secondary schools. Click on the links to find out more and book your place.

6 Nov: SCIE3860-17AA - Falling in Love with Science Exams – Improving Exam Outcomes Through Full Engagement With and Decoding of Texts

The ...

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