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Don’t forget to book – Hampshire Festival of Primary Science Education 2024 – 21 May 2024

Don’t forget to book – Hampshire Festival of Primary Science Education 2024 – 21 May 2024

by Hannah Richardson -
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Following the success of last year's first Hampshire Festival of Primary Science Education, we are pleased to announce the line up for our second year. We have a range of presentations and workshops planned for primary science teachers on key topics such as how to make science exciting and accessible for all; Safety: Keeping science safe… what CLEAPSS does for you; and the importance of improving our ocean health – and more! 

We will be welcoming the following guest speakers to share their expertise with you…

Dr Jo Montgomery – Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach) and research scientist 

With both a teaching and science background, Dr. Jo Montgomery has more than 20 years’ experience working with children and schools to support science education from Early Years to university. Passionate about encouraging curiosity and investigation, Jo is a Primary Science Specialist, teaching children and supporting teachers. Jo is a ASE Futures Committee member and supports teacher professional development as a STEM Learning Lead Facilitator, PSQM Hub Leader, Great Science Share for Schools Champion, Explorify Champion, Primary Science Capital Teaching Approach accredited trainer and independent consultant.

Maria Pack – Lead Primary Consultant, CLEAPSS 

CLEAPSS are the people who ensure that you and your children are able to undertake the practical work that you want to do. They provide schools with advice about how to safely manage activities that you may otherwise avoid and inspiration for activities you never even thought of.

Search and book on the Learning Zone using keyword search: Science Festival

Price: Sub £140 / SLA £35 / Full £168

Hampshire Festival of Primary Science Education 2024 flyer