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  • Cape Farewell This is an excellent 'Global Warming' site produced by the Oceanography Centre

    National Schools' Observatory Fancy getting your class to take real pictures of their choice with a multi-million pound telescope? Well you can- for free- tonight!

    Bloodhound Land Speed Project Get your class involved with the 1,000mph car project

    Curriculum Online Here you'll find ALL the multimedia resources to support teaching and learning that your school can buy with its eLCs and other funds. All resources support the curriculum taught in schools in England from Foundation to KS4. Many are free. Evaluate and compare resources before buying direct from suppliers.

    Learning and Taching using ICT in Secondary Science This is part of Teachernet and has resources for KS3 science lessons.

    Swimbots Gene Pool is an artificial life simulation in which populations of organisms evolve swimming capabilities over time. These organisms are called "swimbots". You can set mate preference criteria and thus influence what the swimbots consider as attractive qualities in potential mates. The most attractive swimbots get chosen most often and so their genetic building blocks propogate to future generations. Eventually, swimbots get better at pursuing each other, competing for food, and becoming babes to other swimbots. Local gene pools emerge which compete for sex and food (for energy to have more sex). Eventually a dominant sub-population takes over.

    Energy Gallery is an interactive gallery where children age 7-14, their teachers and families, can explore how energy powers every aspect of their lives. The gallery is packed with computer-based exhibits and feels like an 'energy playground'. Visitors can play with novel interfaces from spinning drums and touch-screens to dance-floor footpads.

    National Whiteboard Network is a site which site provides guidance on how ICT can be used effectively to support interactive whole class teaching during Science lessons.

    You Tube Science Songs Here are a selection of 'science songs' which might be OK to top and tail lessons.

    Guardian Teacher Network This site has lots of Science resources for all years and abilities

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