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Primary and Secondary Science Safety Audit 2023

Primary and Secondary Science Safety Audit 2023

by Emma Cooper -
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The safety audit for both primary and secondary schools is now available as an online form. We have created the audit in this new format to make it easier to complete and return.

We will send out the Primary Science Safety Audit (PSSA 23) and Secondary Science Safety Audit (SSSA 23) each summer, and the responses are automatically collated and sent back to HIAS once you have submitted the form. 

Please note that the completion of this form is compulsory for Hampshire maintained schools. A small number of randomly selected schools will receive a monitoring visit in the Autumn term, and failure to submit the audit could result in a formal Health & Safety monitoring visit in the new academic year. 

This is not compulsory for non-maintained schools, but filling it in and returning will help build a bigger picture of the issues surrounding safe and effective practical work in Science across Hampshire and the IOW, and we would appreciate your support with this. 

You should print and save a copy of your response. A copy should be kept by Head of Science/Senior Technician or Science Coordinator and another copy lodged with the school’s Health & Safety Officer. 

Please read the information at the start of the audit form carefully and the form will need to be completed by Friday, 29th September 2023.

Pleas note that the HCC risk assessment form which should now be used when carrying out your Lab risk assessments. These should be done every three years or if any lab has been refurbished or a new one built. 

Primary Science Safety Audit 2023 (PSSA 23):

Secondary Science Safety Audit 2023 (SSSA 23):

If you have any queries regarding the audit forms, please contact: 

Primary: Emma Cooper

Secondary: Kevin Neil