GCSE Science Exams 2022 Forums

The resources discussed from both forums on 7th and 21st March

Improving GCSE Science Exam Outcomes with Cognitive Science Based Approaches Project

This is where you will find all the resources from the two long sessions and any other materials

Applying Cognitive Science In the Science Classroom

Here you will find all the PowerPoints, and resources and links from the four sessions in this course

Education Centre Development Group

This support area is for members of the HIAS Science Education Centre Development Group to share materials and information

Special School Science Development Group

This area is for members of the Hampshire Special School Development Group to share ideas and infromations. This group is working on approaches and materials that will help pupils in special schools develop their confidence & skills within 'How Science Works' at KS3 and KS4.

Radiation Protection Supervisor Area

This area is to support Radiation Protection Supervisors in school and includes information on teaching about ionising radiation.



Science Technician Support

This area is for Secondary School Science Technicians in Hampshire Schools