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Climate Unity Project

Climate Unity Project

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We would like to invite you to take part in an exciting STEM opportunity.

A Hampshire wide initiative to engage, educate, involve, and unite young people in the challenges facing them now and in the future regarding climate change.

We will be running a series of face to face and virtual workshops over the next few months to develop teachers’ knowledge and understanding around the use of materials, natural dyes and upcycling. We hope that this will enable you to set up and run a STEM project for the young people in your school around climate unity. 

The workshops will be practical in nature and will teach how to dye using vegetable and plant matter, test dyes of suitability on natural and man-made fabrics and assist in the upcycling of unwanted textiles in something new and fresh and thus avoiding landfill.

The overall aim of the project is to encourage and develop a knowledge of climate change and climate crisis throughout the key stages, focusing on the reduction of chemical dyes in fashion and the reusing and up cycling of unused or unwanted garments into new items.

We want to develop and support students’ knowledge and understanding across the DT and Science curriculum by building a shared understanding of how materials are manufactured and disposed of and the consequences to the climate of mass manufacture.

We will be working towards schools developing their own climate change groups with the end goal of developing students’ knowledge and understanding of climate change and how they can make a impact through their daily lives and choices.

We are planning to:

  • Hold a series of workshops to develop teachers’ knowledge and understanding around the use of materials, natural dyes and upcycling.
  • Visit schools to see your projects in action, gauging children’s responses to climate change.
  • Develop resources to support climate change in D&T and Science

The project culminates in an amazing opportunity for children to showcase their work in a upcycled fashion show and a static display at The Climate Unity Conference to be held on the 14 July 2023 in Winchester.

If you would be interested in finding out more information, please register expression of interest by 23 January.