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Update on new resources

Update on new resources

by Emma Cooper -
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ALL Learning Journeys have been updated

Some amendments have been made to the substantive knowledge in these documents to ensure clarity and coverage of the National Curriculum statutory requirements. Any amendments are shown in blue or green. The Learning Journeys can be found in the Moodle+ area.

These changes have been made following the creation of substantive knowledge progression documents which can be found in the 'Open resources' area on the Science Moodle Science Moodle: All courses ( These documents aim to provide clarity around the substantive knowledge in the Learning Journeys and how they match and/or exceed the statutory requirements in the National Curriculum. 

Also, I have updated the ‘map’ which shows how the Learning Journeys link. I will be working with Kevin in the coming days/ week to add Year 7 onto this map as well. This is also in the Open Resources area.

Finally, Substantive Knowledge Trackers, in both Word and Excel formats have been added to the Moodle+ area.

Do let us know what you think of these resources. We always welcome any feedback.